Habit Tracker - Poster (x5)

Habit Tracker - Poster (x5)

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The Habit Tracker poster will help you build empowering habits and break away from destructive habits.

Many of us grapple with harmful habits/addictions that hinder us from reaching our maximum potential, but now it’s time to revolt against it with the Habit Tracker.

So whether you're battling with procrastination, smoking, swearing, biting fingernails, unhealthy food, pornography, anger issues or any other destructive habits, thanks to the “Habit Tracker” you can systematically unchain yourself from your past hindrances.

 How does the 21-Day Habit Challenge Work?

  1. Write down the negative habit you want to get rid of, or the positive habit you want to form.
  1. Your goal is to challenge yourself to successfully overcome the old habit or master your new habit for 21 days.

Why 21 days?

Many of the leading and credible NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) experts have testified that it takes up to 21 days to either break or form a new habit. The great thing about the "21-day Habit Challenge" is that once you successfully stick to your new habit for 21 days, you will have enough confidence and self-control to get rid of this negative habit pattern forever.

  1. Each day you successfully complete a day within the 21-day challenge you tick off the box, but if you fail to complete the new habit within the day, you place a cross in the box and are required to start from day one again.  

Your "21-day Habit Challenge" will help you to develop your will power, increase your discipline levels and strengthen your endurance - essential skills for mastering any area of your life.


  • You get x5 Habit Tracker.